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Device: 339137091
Name : John Doe
Speed : 40 mph
Update: 4/21/2021, 10:23:12am
Device: 184001450
Name : Jane Doe
Speed : 38 mph
Update: 4/21/2021, 10:24:45am

Are you ready to fine-tune your fleet operations,
provide better customer service,
and maximize productivity?

Whether you are looking for tracking devices for cars assigned to team members,
GPS tracking devices for a small mobile workforce, or
full scale GPS fleet tracking...

GPSTracking.com is your source for comprehensive, affordable, and robust GPS tracking solutions.

  • Lowest Cost of Ownership GPS Tracking Affordability
  • Fastest Return on Investment GPS Tracking Return On Investment
  • Easy to Install GPS Tracking Ease of Install
  • Easy to Use GPS Tracking Ease Of Use
  • Best Product Support GPS Tracking Product Support

Our GPS Trackers

Why pay more for features you don't need?

Other systems provide the ability to monitor the temperature inside the refrigerated trailer on your 18-wheeler, or to know whether the tarp is up over the back of your dump truck, or even to count the number of kids who get onto or off of a school bus at each stop.

And that's awesome... but... You don't operate a refrigerated 18-wheeler, or a dump truck, or a school bus, do you? So why should you pay extra for those features you'll never use?

At GPSTracking.com, we don't believe you should have to pay extra for unnecessary features you'll never use. That's why we provide our tracking software in two distinct levels, BASIC tracking, and EXTENDED tracking.

If you just need to track your vehicles, watch historical playbacks, run basic reports, and set up less than five different notification events, BASIC tracking is provided at no additional charge! We've pared back our BASIC feature set and eliminated the features most people never use so that we could provide you with the lowest price possible on our world-class GPS Tracking platform!

On the other hand, if you actually need a variety of customized reports, dozens (or even hundreds) of alerts, and other features of that nature... we've got you covered there, as well! For an additional charge of just $4.95 per month (per device), we can turn on our EXTENDED feature set and unleash the power of our extended platform.

Either way, we've got you covered! Our goal is to provide all the functions and features you need - and none of the complications you don't - at the lowest price in the industry.

GPS tracking is the smartest way to manage driver safety, fleet maintenance and insurance costs.

With a little help from GPSTracking.com, you will know the exact location of your company's vehicles at all times, and how your fleet is performing on a day-to-day basis. Plus, GPSTracking.com ensures both ease-of-use and rapid return-on-investment.

With our simple-to-use technology, it's simple to see and understand your fleet's movements, your team's hours on the job, and half a dozen other key performance indicators critical for optimizing efficiencies, delivery times, worker performance, and overall costs.

Why go with GPSTracking.com?

GPSTracking.com strives to be your sophisticated, integrated telematics solutions leader.

Here at GPSTracking.com, we are passionate about empowering small businesses with GPS tracking technology - by providing the tools and support for you to enhance fleet and asset visibility, gain critical insight into every aspect of your mobile operations and make data-driven decisions that will positively impact your bottom line and facilitate your business growth.

As your partner, we will support you in determining the best product for your current operations, provide tutorials on product features, functions and use, facilitate your access to the data and tools with the easy-to-use downloadable secure app, and always be available with top tier customer service support.

We believe in your business as much as you do - and we want to see you take it to the next level by leveraging GPS tracking for streamlined, efficient and professional operations that wow your clients and outperform your competitors at every turn. We look forward to growing your business, together.

Why wait? Start profiting from your new data-fed insights tomorrow!

GPS Tracker Features

GPS Tracker SoftwareEnterprise-Grade Software
Access your data and live fleet positions in real time, quickly and easily.
GPS Tracker SupportLive Customer Support
Reach out from 7 AM to 7 PM for live, enthusiastic customer service support.
GPS Tracker TelematicsPerformance Metrics
Monitor and manage your operations with route, stop, speed, location and idle updates, and more.
GPS Tracker SafetySafety Indicators
Receive aggressive driving and route deviation alerts and create training opportunities around the data.
GPS Tracker GeofencingGeofencing
Set predetermined areas of operation and receive alerts if broken. Geofencing can reduce fuel consumption, unnecessary vehicle wear and theft potential.
What People Are Saying Quotes
Blake Raney, Owner
High Definition
 Lawn & Landscape
  • "Thank you, GPSTracking.com! I purchased five GPS trackers to boost driver accountability. What I did NOT expect was the added customer satisfaction that comes from our drivers consistently showing up on time!"

High Definition Lawn & Landscape

"Thank you!"

Brandon Cobb, COO 
Boomer Environmental
  • "I was so sick of the runaround from other GPS tracking providers!

    Thankfully, GPSTracking.com made it super easy for me to outfit my fleet with affordable devices that instantly improved our company's fuel efficiency and driver safety."

Boomer Environmental

"Super easy!"

James Bohi,
Operations Manager
Patriot Heavy Hauling
  • "Knowledge is power, and GPSTracking.com gives me the live data and timely reports that my company needs to succeed - and they do so in a way I can understand and afford to scale."

Heavy Hauling

"Knowledge is Power..."

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