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How GPS Tracking Helps Business Owners Maximize Operational Efficiencies

By GPSTracking | 12 Nov 2020


When you run a small to mid-size enterprise, you become a master juggler. Your days are filled with an array of disparate tasks that require several skill sets and loads of patience. While many entrepreneurs go into business to specialize in their trade, it’s also necessary to become a strong generalist who can juggle hiring, accounts receivable, payroll, equipment purchase, and maintenance.

For many service-based businesses, it also means managing a fleet of company vehicles.

With all these tasks and all the details associated with each one, it’s easy to let things slip, and when this happens critical operational details also slip by undetected. GPSTracking.com is here to help close these gaps when it comes to driver safety and performance-critical factors that impact your company’s bottom line.

Are you ready to learn more about how our plug-and-play GPS trackers can change the score for your business and help turn your team into masters of accountability and efficiency?

Use GPS Tracking to Avoid Traffic Jams

When your drivers are stuck in traffic, the lost time quickly converts to lost money. It’s enough to make a small business owner lose it.

When margins are tight—and margins are tight—there’s no room for waste. Thankfully, our GPS trackers can help you and your team see the traffic problems ahead and reroute around the problem area.

Use GPS Tracking to See Incoming Storms

A GPS tracker from GPSTracking.com helps you see what’s coming. If hail, hard rain, or a tornado is on the way, our system allows you to see it as it progresses, so that you can alert your drivers.

Or, you could watch the Weather Channel all day. Clearly, our GPS tracking weather overlays are a much better solution for the on-the-go business owner.

Use GPS Tracking to Monitor Speeding, Idle Time, and Other Metrics

When you first adopt GPS trackers and introduce them to your fleet, your drivers might bristle if they think the intention is an invasion of their privacy or that you, the owner and operator, do not trust them. Flip that script right away with the real reasons that you’re invested in GPS tracking. Data!

With the streams of data that you can receive and learn from, the business is more able to solve problems for customers and thrive. For example, if your reports show that idle time is low, it means new routes need to be established. The data from our devices will help you see the path to profitability.

Use GPS Tracking to Help Prevent Financial Losses from Theft

Thieves are going to thieve, but you can make it hard for them to get away. A vehicle equipped with GPSTracking is a vehicle that can be located in real-time.

If a van or truck goes missing from your lot, it won’t be gone for long. You can call 911 and update the police with the exact location of your vehicle.

Use GPS Tracking to Improve Customer Service

Geofencing is one of the most popular features found in our products.

Max can help your team please your customers by alerting them to your arrival time. When your service rep leaves the property the geofencing feature will trigger a text or email that says “thanks!” to your customers for their business. All you need to do is set the parameters—a half-mile away from the service address, for instance. Then, your fleet vehicles will automagically generate messages when a fleet vehicle crosses this threshold.

Use GPS Tracking to Create Performance Incentives for Your Team

When you first introduce GPS trackers to your fleet operations, it’s important to provide a solid overview to your team so they understand the benefits of this powerful technology. To help drivers see how GPS trackers boost accountability, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and ultimately more profits, we recommend creating incentive programs that reward the best drivers on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis.

With no GPS trackers, there’s no evidence. With GPS trackers, you have a daily stream of data points that indicate who the safest drivers are and the most efficient drivers too. If you have a leadfoot on the team, the data will indicate this. You can’t manage what you do not know. When you do know, you can focus on improving the areas that need the most attention.

Use GPS Tracking to Remove Things from Your Already Loaded Plate

In business, you get what you inspect, not what you expect. Our affordable and easy-to-use GPS trackers will make an instant impact on your business intelligence and your bottom line. Use our devices and software to create custom reports that reveal just what you need to know when you need to know it.

We say, “Ride with Ace” and “Ride with Max” because these devices are your fleet’s partners in accountability and efficiency. We help make navigating through traffic safely and via the most frictionless routes the easy part of the day for your team members. When your drivers have a day full of plumbing problems to solve or glass to replace or HVAC units to service, our simple GPS trackers and affordable monthly service make it possible to focus on what matters most—servicing your customers in a timely, friendly manner and moving on to the next service call.

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