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What to Consider When Selecting a GPS Tracking Service

By GPSTracking | 20 Jan 2021


A GPS tracking solution can provide you with greater visibility into how your fleet operates, but how to evaluate a provider isn’t always so clear. That’s why we recommend you focus on nine key areas:

1. Ease of installation

While most GPS trackers require professional installation, some don’t. Be sure to ask if the device you’re considering could be installed by yourself. What’s the difficulty? Do you need any special tools? Does it require a certain skill set? Avoiding installation charges on every vehicle could save you a significant amount of money.

How GPSTracking.com stands apart: Tracking devices you can install without hassle.

2. Ease of use

Remember, you’re not just buying hardware — you’re also buying the software it connects to. Insist upon a demo that’ll allow you to gauge how intuitive it will be to use the dashboard. Is there a steep learning curve? Will a lot of training be required?

How GPSTracking.com stands apart: A feature-rich dashboard that doesn’t overwhelm.

3. Customer support

If the installation intimidates you — or if the software stumps you — you’ll want to check to see if the company’s support channels and hours work for you. Do they align with the times your fleet is active? Do they offer your preferred method of support? Live chat, phone, email?

How GPSTracking.com stands apart: Support technicians are available from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. CST, Monday – Saturday. We also offer live chat for general questions.

4. Software development team

Having an internal development team is critical when it comes to resolving bug fixes in a timely manner. It can also have a huge impact on product updates or enhancements. Ask the provider if they’re merely a reseller or if they care enough about their product to employ a team dedicated to its improvement.

How GPSTracking.com stands apart: We have a seasoned internal development team who also built our solution for large fleets.

5. Website vs. mobile app

When you run a fleet that’s always on the go, it doesn’t make sense to have a dashboard that’s tethered to a desktop computer. You’ll get more out of the monitoring software if you can use it on a phone or tablet. And that’s why you’ll want to choose a provider that has a mobile app.

How GPSTracking.com stands apart: We offer iOS and Android apps.

6. Location data quality

For some fleets, a location ping every 10 minutes might be good enough. But if you require more up-to-the-second information, you should inquire how often location data is updated in the provider’s dashboard.

How GPSTracking.com stands apart: Our platform pings vehicles every 10 seconds.

7. Purchase options

When you’re buying GPS trackers for your fleet, you generally have two choices: outright purchase or rental. In the first scenario, you pay for devices up front and then pay a monthly service fee. In the second scenario, the cost for the devices is bundled in with the monthly service fee. This might actually cost you more over time, so it’s important to do a comparison. Also, ask about the length and terms of a provider’s contract. Is it annual? Multi-year? Does it auto-renew?

How GPSTracking.com stands apart: Our GPS tracking devices start as low as $49 and our monthly monitoring fee per device starts as low as $9.95.

8. Warranty

Typically, when you buy a GPS tracking device, you can expect some form of warranty. Coverage length can widely vary, from a few months to a full year. Even if you rent, you can generally expect some sort of warranty for the duration of your contract. Either way, you’ll want to verify you’re protected against malfunction.

How GPSTracking.com stands apart: We offer a one-year warranty on all our equipment.

9. Industry experience

Another important topic to consider is if a provider has experience with the size of your fleet or your industry. An understanding of your business is advantageous, as it shows they’ve successfully implemented GPS tracking in your space and can talk you through best practices. Depending on how long a provider has been around, they may even have case studies or references they can provide.

How GPSTracking.com stands apart: We’re solely focused on serving small to mid-size fleets.

By using the above benchmarks to assess any provider’s offering, you should be able to find the best product fit. And once you’ve found the easiest-to-use product with the greatest reliability, you’ll be in a better position to improve the efficiency of your entire fleet.

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