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5 Immediate Benefits That Result from Installing GPS Tracking Devices

By GPSTracking | 14 Dec 2020


Small fleets often face the same challenges as their bigger counterparts and require the same level of innovation. Thankfully, GPS trackers are now made (by us) to specifically address the challenges of small to mid-size fleets.

Let’s look at a few of the primary advantages that you can expect to gain by installing GPS trackers in your small to mid-size fleet:

1. Increase visibility

Have you ever wondered where a driver is? GPS trackers allow you to see where a vehicle is at any given moment. If someone on your team is some place they should not be or has simply encountered an unexpected delay, you will be altered. Another benefit of this technology: if you set up a monitoring perimeter around your lot — what’s commonly known as a geofence — you’ll be able to receive alerts any time a vehicle crosses the threshold (useful when a theft is in progress).

2. Improve customer service

With real-time location always at your fingertips, it’s easy to communicate ETAs to your customers. Telematics technology also lets savvy fleet owners share GPS location updates directly with customers.

3. Optimize routes

With GPS trackers helping to monitor your fleet, you can use route optimization tools to plan the most efficient routes. You can also further refine these routes after they’ve been completed. Service-oriented businesses — like plumbers and electricians and glass replacement specialists — can even use GPS tracking to figure out which driver is closest to the customer site, cutting down the company’s cost per mile.

4. Reduce fuel costs

According to 2017 research conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute, if a fleet idles for six hours per day and operates 300 days a year it would waste 1,800 gallons of fuel annually. When steps are taken to reduce idling — adjusting routes, for instance — you control or eliminate this expense.

5. Real data motivates safe driving

Many GPS trackers have built-in sensors that monitor acceleration and rotation, allowing fleet owners to see which vehicles are being driven safely — and which are not. Unsafe behaviors like speeding, taking sharp turns or braking suddenly are all actions that can be recorded and reviewed. This provides insights that can be used to safeguard equipment and insurance premiums.

GPS trackers — and fleet efficiency — are a power tool readily available to help you to manage your business. The equipment is affordable, you don’t need expensive installation services and the monthly contract fee is ridiculously low - starting at just $9.95 per month!

From the moment you install these devices you begin gathering a deeper understanding of how your fleet operates day-to-day and the steps you can take to fully optimize your fleet operations.

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