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About GPSTracking.com

By GPSTracking | 13 Jan 2021

We provide the tools you need to connect the dots.

GPSTracking.com is a platform with a provenance and heritage unlike any other GPS Tracking system in the world. The driving force behind the GPSTracking.com system is the creator of the entire industry.

In 2004 and 2005, Jerry Hunter created the entire web-based GPS tracking industry when he founded USFleetTracking.com - the first web-based GPS Tracking system in the world. Today USFleetTracking powers thousands upon thousands of enterprise-level fleets and law enforcement agencies, leading the industry in innovation and performance.

In 2020, Hunter founded GPSTracking.com to satisfy the needs of small businesses - the heart and soul of the economic engine that drives our country.

With the launch of GPSTracking.com, our goal is to price our products in such a way that our technology is affordable to every small business in America.

Affordable. Simple to install. Easy to use.

How We're Different:

You'll notice immediately that GPSTracking.com is unlike any of our competitors - and we're proud of that. It's in the way we do business.

We're located in Edmond, Oklahoma, where honesty and integrity and doing the right thing still mean something.

We don’t use deceptive marketing tactics. We don't mask our prices. We know that we only succeed when you succeed. We get it.

We also understand that, in today's business world, everything is connected to everything else. Everything is in a constant state of motion. Everything matters.

Every. Tiny. Detail.

If a business wants to be more profitable, it has to do more with less. At GPSTracking.com, our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to connect the dots and see the data in an entirely new way.

We Deliver Results

At GPSTracking.com, we can help you to create the kind of efficiency in your fleet that delivers lasting results.

Safer driving is just the beginning. Improved fuel economy, better resource allocation, and more effective use of employee time are the icing on the cake. But there's far more to the data and how it can be applied to your real-life situations than you ever imagined.

Our realtime weather overlay enables you to direct your fleet out of harm's way as bad weather approaches.

Normally you wouldn't want to be bothered with a notification every time one of your service vehicles leaves your lot during the business day. But if one of your vehicles is stolen at 2am, you want to be notified immediately. GPSTracking.com solves this problem easily - and assists in the recovery of your vehicles and tools, as well.

Excessive idling wastes fuel. We can help you to identify that. Wreckless driving leads to accidents, downtime, and higher insurance rates. We can help you see those, too. Are your employees using your company vehicles to make personal trips when they should be working? Our technology enables you to see the precise location of your vehicles 24 hours a day.

It's not difficult to understand how our products and services save you time and money. This is the easiest decision you've made all year.

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